Here’s what parents are saying about our classes & summer fine art camps...

Really liked the diversity of children’s ages all in one group.

I liked that we could drop off right at the door and there was no parking to pay for.

I wanted my child to enjoy the class, learn some art concepts, meet other children and have fun. My expectations were exceeded.

My son came home each day with a huge smile on his face feeling very proud of himself and calling himself an artist.

A. really enjoyed the art class and the introduction to pastels. He was already asking to do more art camps next year! We were really impressed with one comment he made about how “mistakes” can be turned into something interesting and sometimes better parts of the art. (He is somewhat of a perfectionist and as a result, can be a bit hard on himself sometimes — so we were quite pleased to hear him talk in such a manner). Thank you for that coaching.

I would recommend the camp to others; it is well organized in a nice clean, bright (natural light) location with nice music.

Here’s what parents are saying about our teachers and art assistants...

Excellent, very knowledgeable, made the learning fun!

…is a good and honest teacher and she helps us improve our art.
I really appreciated the professionalism and ‘real’ art being taught.

The children really enjoyed how the material was presented and gained some confidence in their own abilities but were also encouraged to explore their own creative edge.

…she truly cares about the kids and they adore her.

Superb teaching in an intimate setting. It has really sparked the desire in both my kids to expect more from their own art

I really appreciated the professionalism and ‘real’ art being taught.

Here’s what parents are saying about our classes...

I love what they produce, that they have been stretched artistically and that D. can actually sit and focus for more than 5 minutes!

R.’s teacher said that she is very focused and involved in what is going on in the classroom. I definitely see a difference in her as well. We are so happy that your art class has filled a niche for R. in so many areas.

This art class means more to him than art itself: it is a venue that has helped him sift through his emotions without being judged, in the safety net of the artistic realm. Thank you for providing this invaluable outlet where O. is able to learn how to put life into perspective (no pun intended!)

Here’s what students have to say ...

My teachers don’t only know lots about art, but about our brains too!

Awesome art camp full of surprising, fun masterpieces to make and create.

Very fun and interesting, this is one of the best camps I’ve been to.

What I like about this art camp is shading with charcoal because it makes it really 3D.

I thought the camp was fun and I had enough time to finish all the projects. I thought all the projects were explained very well and I liked that we got to come up with our own ideas.

At first, I didn’t want to go to camp because I didn’t have any friends to go with but on the second day, I realized that drawing on my own with peaceful music and quiet is really relaxing and fun! I really enjoyed camp. 

I thought this camp was fantastic and fun! I loved the way we were free to make our own creations in a structured way. I would totally go do the camp again.

It’s really different from school because I really learned a lot about using different mediums and techniques.

It was cool, and I thought that everybody was nice. The art looks hard but once you get to do it, you feel proud of yourself. The music was really soothing too. Also, I thought even the snack break was cool too because we go to the park, we get a lot of time to eat and make friends.

Here’s what adults are saying about our workshops and classes...

I can draw!

Your openness and sincerity provide warmth and a willingness to try something new in a safe setting.

…the workshop was wonderful and inspirational. I learned I can be an artist, be creative…it was more than I expected.

Here’s what school teachers are saying about our workshops...

I enjoyed myself and learned some great ideas to apply to my own classroom.

…[you] will experience a dynamic change in drawing and attitude in just a few hours.

The enthusiasm for art was energizing—recognizing techniques to use when you aren’t an artist yourself & share that with students who don’t think they’re artists.

Journaling has changed my teaching and classroom environment. I feel like I am starting my students on a life-long journey… I believe journaling is therapeutic and allows me, as a teacher, to understand my students on a much deeper level. Thank you.

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