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Upcoming Offerings at Aliki’s Art House

We hope you are all staying healthy and well as we manage the ongoing changes in lifestyle and routines!  

For the past 2 months, Aliki’s Art House has gone virtual for most of our year-round youth classes and some adult classes with very good success.  The teachers and I have been committed to delivering the same high-quality classes online as we do in the studio. Student satisfaction with the online classes and skill progression is still most important to us. 

We want to thank all our students and parents for your loyalty, commitment, and patience at this time of changes and shift of Aliki’s drawing classes to the online platform. We also recognize the challenges of virtual classes for students for many different reasons and we’ve heard loud and clear that you miss the studio experience and in-person learning that you are used to.  WE do too!  We want to hear your thoughts in this survey.

In the meantime, here’s what we have to offer
ONLINE for returning students:

Landscape Drawing 2

Continue your exploration of nature through drawing. Build on Part 1 by learning new techniques to create movement, expression, and space in your landscape drawings using pencil, compressed charcoal, and pencil crayons. We’ll look at ways to capture quick sketches and build up layers to create larger, more finished pieces.

Required Materials: pencil kit range of pencils HB-6B, kneaded eraser, regular eraser, blending stick & sandpaper), charcoal pencil, compressed charcoal, pencil crayons, ruler, painters tape or masking tape. Visuals will be sent via email and must be printed before class. 

New materials may be purchased as a kit from Aliki’s Art House (pick or delivery available).  Individual supplies such as a graphite stick or compressed charcoal are also available for purchase.  Please order on the registration page. 

Prerequisites: Landscape drawing Part 1.  

Tuesdays 10:30 – 12:30 

Let’s Face it! All about Portraiture

Learn the basics of portrait drawing in this 4-week series. Learn the anatomy of the parts of the face, and the proportions of the traditional front, side, and 3/4 views of portrait sketching using negative space and new techniques to help your drawings come together naturally.  This class is best suited to students with a strong understanding of drawing fundamentals and confidence in their independent drawing skills. 

Adults:  Thursdays 10:30 – 12:30 (4 classes, Jun 4, 11, 18, 25) 

Required Materials: pencil kit (range of pencils HB-6B, kneaded eraser, regular eraser, blending stick & sandpaper), graphite stick, drawing paper, ruler. Optional: a drawing board or piece of corrugated cardboard to use to draw on. Visuals will be sent via email and must be printed before class. 

Teens ages 12 & older: Thursdays 6:00 – 8:00 pm (4 classes, Jun 4, 11, 18, 25) *Aliki’s Drawing Fundamentals 2 or 3 required. 

Required Materials: range of pencils (2H, HB, 4B, 6B), graphite stick, erasers (white, mechanical, kneadable), good sharpener, ruler, tissues; also useful but not required: clear page protector, soft 2” paint brush, a drawing board or piece of corrugated cardboard to use to draw on, calipers or compass dividers

New materials may be purchased as a kit or individually from Aliki’s Art House (pick or delivery available). Please order on the registration page.

Online offerings for new students
(no prior drawing experience necessary)

Zendala: A mindful practice for families

Come join Certified Zentangle Teacher, Deborah Lawton BFA, CZT, as she guides you step-by-step through the mindful practice of the Zentangle Method. This is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Zentangle art is non-representational and unplanned so you can relax and focus on each stroke.  In this series of classes, Ms. Lawton will take you through the basics of Zentangle as you create 2 finished Zendalas. There are no age limits or skill level requirements for learning Zentangle. This is a great summer activity for the entire family!  

Mindful activities have become a popular addition to many aspects of learning and wellbeing. Mindfulness: being focused and aware of your environment and what you are doing in a gentle, nurturing, non-judgmental way.  Anything is Possible One Stroke at a Time’  For more information about Zentangle check – www.zentangle.com

Fridays 6:30 – 8 pm  (Jun 5, 12, 19, 26)

Fee: $110 including materials kit; second family member: $55; no charge for additional family members except $5 for materials kit.

Learn to Draw: The Basics for Beginners

Drawing instruction for beginners is our specialty for almost 30 years!  This 4-week series of classes are geared to adults and youth (ages 10 and older) with no or minimal drawing experience using Aliki’s 7-Step System.  We will teach you how to draw realistically using pen, pencil and a splash of colour.  We have broken down the process of drawing into smaller basic skills and balanced just the right combination of theory, drawing exercises, and fun. You will end each class saying, “I CAN draw!” with confidence!  

Required Materials: pencil kit (range of pencils HB-6B, kneaded eraser, regular eraser, blending stick & sandpaper), 9X12 sketchbook, ruler, watercolour (red, blue, yellow),  or watercolour pencil crayons and paintbrush OR pencil crayons.

Optional: a drawing board or piece of corrugated cardboard to use to draw on.  Visuals will be sent via email and must be printed before class. 

New materials may be purchased as a kit from Aliki’s Art House (pick or delivery available.) Handout package may also be requested for those who do not have access to a printer.  Please order on the registration page.  

Mondays 1 – 3 pm (Jun 1, 8, 15, 22)  Evening classes also available if there is sufficient interest. We require a minimum of 5 students to run the class. 

Online class structure

All ONLINE classes are a 4-week series with mid-week feedback group chat with the instructor.  Material kits are available for purchase, as needed.  Instructional fees are $105/series.  Family and friends receive 50% multi-person discounts.  

Please contact Diana at info@alikisarthouse.com or call 403.667.7020 for more details. Click on the Registration Button to register.

So, what’s next for Aliki’s Art House?

Right now, we are very closely and carefully monitoring the progress of reopening initiatives while our community begins to heal from the impact of this pandemic.  As in all circumstances during the pandemic, Aliki’s Art House follows all guidance and protocols established by Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Provincial Government. 

Aliki’s Art House will look and feel a bit different when you come back to us. That means necessary safeguards will be in place, some things will be available and some things will have to wait. We are preparing our studio and adapting our program to keep everyone safe and healthy according to health guidelines. 

A note about summer programming

Our vision is to slowly bring small groups of students back to the studio during July and August for make-up classes and/or modified camps. Online classes/camps will be offered as well during that time. We are hopeful that we may resume weekly programs in the fall.

Please watch for further updates and the latest news about registration.


Here’s what everyone’s saying about online classes…

It’s [online classes] going really well! Jaye is great; she teaches very clearly and is easy to follow. I liked going to the school, but I like this way of teaching as well.

My experience is very positive.  Jaye is an amazingly talented artist who is very willing to share her skills and goes out of her way to do that. An important part of taking an art class is to get feedback, by posting on Cluster we get feedback on any art we post which is very valuable. We also get to see other classmates work and learn from their feedback.

 I have never taken an art class before and am really loving this. I would definitely recommend this studio.

Although it isn’t the same as being there in person, the kids would rather do the online lessons than have no lesson at all.  Both of them have produced pieces “in isolation” that they are very proud of through your online lessons.  

About our teachers…

She gave good instruction, guidance and inspiration.

Excellent, very knowledgeable, made the learning fun!

The critique from the teacher and the assistants was very helpful. Instructions for the drawings were easy to follow.

Contact us to get started!

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