Teen Classes

specialized Classes for young Artists in Training
january 2024

Acrylic Painting & Mixed Media

Mixed media art is a term used to describe the bringing together of a multitude (“mix”) of different elements (“media”) in a variety of different ways. There are so many different art techniques and forms covered by this title: painting, drawing, collageg, printmaking with Geli-plates, sculpting, book-binding and making. There is also a wide range of media: paints, papers, cardboards, pencils, markers, images, glues, crayons and glaze, to name a few. Then there are the more obscure media, like washes and other hardware items, buttons, fibres, beeswax, pages from an old book and the list goes on. When you begin to look around you, everything becomes a potential material for adding into your mixed media art.

This class is geard to teens and adults.  Great for friends and family. Beginners are welcome as well as, past students of Aliki’s Art House, who want to build on their art skills with new projects.  Minimum of 5 students required to offer the class.   

Tuesday at 6:30 – 8:30 pm

  • Jan 9 to May 29, 2024 (16 Classes; No class on Mar 26)
  • $630 Instructional Fee ($157.50/mo + $70 materials kit)
  • $26.25 New Student Registration Fee
  • 10% discount for multiple registrations ( with coupon: Friends)
  • Fees may be paid monthly

Just for Teens~Drawing from Life & More Part 2

This comprehensive class gives teens greater self-confidence in their drawing abilities. Very quickly, students learn to see how an artist sees and the ability to draw from life. Building on lessons and projects from Part 1, students will expand to drawing with coloured pencil on toned paper. 

Research has shown that students who study the arts, in general, develop 10 important skills for success in everyday life such as creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication, resiliency, collaboration skills, dedication and accountability (Phillips, 2010).

Thursdays 4:30 – 6:00 pm

  • Jan 11 to May 30, 2024 (20 classes)
  • $140/mo Instructional Fee + $42 Materials 
  • Fees may be paid in monthly instalments

Right brain drawing for Older Teens + Adults

This comprehensive 14-week series will teach students a whole new way of looking at the world. You will become aware of 5 “ways of seeing the world” to practice drawing realistically from life. Based on the teaching methodology of Betty Edwards, this step-by-step process of learning to draw students will not only guide students to develop strong drawing skills but also enhance their everyday problem-solving skills and other right brain functions.

Projects include drawing your own hand, parts of the studio and even a self-portrait. This photo illustrates a student’s first project who had no prior instruction. The class is perfect for friends and family members to take together! A 10% discount is offered when 2 students register together. Please enquire. 

Thursdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm

  • Jan 11 to Apr 18, 2024 (14 classes)
  • 14 and older
  • $160/mo Instructional Fee + $42 Materials ($602)
  • Fees may be paid in monthly instalments.

Drawing Fundamentals 3

Drawing Fundamentals 3 challenges students with longer, and more involved projects by refining familiar processes and exploring new ways to render the drawing. The results are stunning! In this course, students continue to study colour theory, explore new media, create tone with line and markers, and render more intricate pencil drawings on coloured paper. Students develop their own unique style as they apply their knowledge and drawing skills.

This class is geared to students who have take Aliki’s Drawing Fundamentals 2 or Aliki’s Summer Drawing Camps. Best for ages 10 & older. 

Saturdays  2:45 – 4:00 pm; Sep 9, 2023 – Jun 1, 2024; no classes on Sep 30, Nov 11, Feb 17, May 18 (31 classes)

  • Returning Student Fee: $135/mo + $70 Materials ($1116.25 total)
  • New Student Registration fee: $25 ($1141.25)
  • Optional Take-Home Materials Kit: $42

We create an inclusive community

Our art studio provides a safe, noncompetitive space where young artists feel comfortable taking chances with their work and exploring new ideas and media. All stages are welcome from beginner to advanced. We meet each student at his current skill level and help him reach his potential and build self esteem. The skills acquired through drawing and art making will improve many other important life skills such as confidence, problem-solving skills, perseverance, focus and concentration. 

Our Culture is a Culture of RESPECT

Respect yourself: Do your BEST!

Respect others: Be EMPATHETIC!

Respect the studio: Be a part of our COMMUNITY!

Our weekly classes are offered on 3 schedules:

  • FULL-Term Schedule:  September to May 
  • HALF-Term Schedule: September to December, & January to May
  • SPRING Term Schedule: March to June
  • Students sign-up for the entire course and remain with the same teacher and small group of students.
  • There are no drop-in classes or make up classes at alternate times.
  • A New Student Consultation/Assessment appointment or phone call is recommended to ensure the best fit for each student. Please contact us at 403.667.7020 to arrange an appointment.
  • A non-refundable deposit, consisting of the materials fee and first month’s fees, is due at the time of registration.
  • Students can purchase their own supply kit to use during the classes and take home.
  • Studio materials +individual sketchbook cost is included.
  • Fees may be paid in monthly instalments.
  • Our withdrawal policy requires 1 full months’ notice and penalty of 1 month’s fees for early withdrawal.