About Us

We believe drawing is an attainable skill

Our Teaching Philosophy

The reason you may not know how to draw is that no one taught you how.

Did you know that only two percent of people are born with a natural talent  to draw?  Everyone else can learn and discover their drawing ability.  If you can sign your name, throw a ball or tie your shoelaces, you can learn how to draw.

What Makes Aliki’s Special

For more than three decades, we have been privileged to journey alongside hundreds of artists — from beginners to professionals of all ages. We have witnessed many achievements and success stories!

Our focus is unique. We strive to teach practical skills that will encourage you to use drawing as a way of life. Our objective is to design opportunities for everyone to discover, experience and take away new skills, as well as gain greater self-confidence in one’s own abilities. 

Our bright and inviting studio doubles as a gallery where we regularly exhibit and honour the achievements of our students throughout the year. We’ve created a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for everyone to explore and learn. Our instructors are professional artists and trained teachers with a passion for art education and who genuinely love to see our students grow. 

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe EVERYONE can learn to draw because drawing is a teachable skill like learning to play an instrument, for instance. Aliki’s 7-Step System is a systematic and progressive instructional drawing program delivered via established and effective teaching methods. Success comes as students gain confidence in knowing the drawing steps and skills. This, in turn, builds artist self-esteem. Our goal is to support developing artists to reach their potential in the time they spend with us.

Society and peers often believe the myth that realistic drawing is the gold standard for evaluating a person’s artistic ability. That being said, learning to draw realistically does build artistic confidence. At Aliki’s Art House, students are taught a range of artistic styles — such as abstract and non-representational in addition to realistic drawing. Through this process, students begin to understand that not all drawings need to be realistic and they can choose to convert their drawing into abstract works of art. Focusing on the process of art-making, debunking myths, and freeing students to view mistakes as an opportunity to discover new ideas in their art is a large part of our art school’s philosophy. Classes, workshops and camps strike a balance between structure and freedom to ensure skill development while allowing  individuality and creative expression.

We also provide an in-depth and expansive art education by teaching our students colour theory, art history and vocabulary. 

Aliki’s Art House is a place of quiet contemplation and positive growth for our students. It is important to us for students to experience what it feels like to use the “right side of the brain” and to achieve success in their creative process.