Summertime Art
for adults+youth

Invest in your own well-being this summer

Learn to Draw in ONE DAY
for Adults & Youth

If you’re seeking a workshop that offers substantial benefits with a minimal time commitment, this in-depth drawing workshop is perfect for you. Designed for adults and teens, including those who feel intimidated by drawing, it guarantees impressive results. Using Aliki’s 7-Step System, you will learn how to draw realistically in just six hours. The workshop strikes a balance between theory, engaging drawing exercises, and a fun atmosphere. By the end, you’ll confidently exclaim, “I CAN draw!” Our basic drawing kit, provided for the workshop and summer practice, ensures you have all the necessary tools. So, make the most of this opportunity to relax, learn the secrets of drawing, and create space for your artistic growth.

Part 1

  • Sunday, July 7th, 2024
  • 9:30 – 4pm
  • Workshop  Fee + Materials Kit (including GST): $ 189

Part 2

  • Sunday, August 11th, 2024
  • 9:30 – 4 pm
  • Workshop Fee: $173.50  (Students will need their Materials Kit from Part 1)

Summer Sampler Series

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing skills or are just beginning your artistic journey, this class aims to provide a supportive and inspiring environment where you can learn, experiment, and grow as an artist The series will cover four main mediums: watercolor, ink, charcoal drawing, and acrylic painting. Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to explore these materials and discover your own personal creative expression. The projects offered in the class will vary from working directly from a reference photo to designing your own composition. This means that you won’t solely rely on reproducing an exact copy of a photograph, but rather use it as a starting point for your own interpretation and artistic exploration.

While it is beneficial to have some knowledge of drawing fundamentals and confidence in your own drawing skills, this class welcomes artists of all levels, including beginners.

  • Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday at 5 – 7:30 pm
  • July 30th, July 31st, & Aug 1st, 2024 
  • Workshop + Materials Fee: $160