Summer Art Camps

Summer camp Ideas ... perfect for Everyone

Camps organized by Week

  • 9 am – noon (3 days: Mon – Wed): Meet the Masters for  7 & older
  • 1- 4 pm (4 days: Mon to Thurs): Basics of Drawing for 7 & older 

9am – noon (T, W, TH only): Mini Masters, 5 & 6 year olds

1pm – 4pm: Basics of Drawing, 7+

9am – noon: Basics of Drawing, 7+

1pm – 4pm: Right Brain Drawing for Teens, 12+

9am – noon:  Beyond the Basics of Drawing, 8 & older

1-4 p,: Sculpting Hands, 9 & older 

9am – noon: Sketch & Watercolour Painting, 8 & up

1 – 4pm: Basics of Drawing, 7 & older

1-4 pm: Meet the Masters, 8 & older

5:30 – 7:30pm: Adult Summer Series 

9 am-noon (T, W, Th only): Mini Masters, 5 & 6 year olds

1-4 pm: 3-D Drawing for Young Artists, 10 and older

9am – noon: The Basics of Drawing, 7 & older

1pm – 4pm: Arts Combo (Journaling + Sculpting), 9 & older

9am – noon: The Basics of Drawing, 7 & older

1-4 pm: Basics of Drawing, 7 & older

Camps organized by Age

Mini Masters

  • July 2-4 (9am – noon): T, W, Th only
  • Aug 6-8  (9 am – noon): T, W, TH only

Basics of Drawing

  • July 2-5 (1pm-4pm)
  • July 8-12 (9am – noon)
  • Jul 22-26 (1pm- 4pm)
  • Aug 12-16  (9am-noon)
  • Aug 19-23 (9 am – noon)
  • Aug 19-23 (1 pm – 4 pm)

All Basics of Drawing Camps

Beyond the Basics of Drawing * pre-requisite

  • July 15 -19  (9am-noon)

Sketch & Watercolour Painting

  • Jul 22-26 (9am-noon)

Meet the Masters

  • July 29 – Aug 2 (1-4 pm)

All Basics of Drawing

Beyond the Basics of Drawing 

  • Jul 15 – 19 (9am-noon)

Sculpting Hands 

  • Jul 15 – 19 (1-4pm)

Arts Combo (journaling +sculpting)

  • Aug 12-16 (1-4pm)

Basics & Beyond the Basic of Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Mixed Media Camps

3-D Drawing for Young Artists

  • Aug 6-9 (1 pm – 4 pm)

All Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, or Mixed Media Camps

All Drawing, Painting or Mixed Media Camps

Right Brain Drawing for Teens 

  • Jul 8-12 (1-4pm)

Summer Sampler Series

  • July 29 – Aug 2 (5 – 7 pm)

Withdrawal Policy

  • There are no refunds after the camp has started. 
  • 50% camp fee refund for cancellations within 2 weeks of camp start date.
  • Camp Fee Refund less $50 (i.e., $25 non refundable registration fee and $25 processing fee) for cancelations up to 2 full weeks prior to the camp start date will 

What Makes Us different from the rest?

Great Outcomes

We ignite creativity and confidence in your children. 

Students learn how to draw, paint, and sculpt through engaging projects and structured teaching by professional artists

Students develop art skills along with improved concentration, problem-solving, and perseverance. 

Recreational and educational art activities to build skills and boost confidence.

Great Service

We value connecting with new students and parents before camp registration. 

We offer  a complimentary art evaluation/consultation to ensure the best fit for each student. Contact us at (403) 667-7020 or to book a studio appointment. 

 Limited spots (10 -12 students) for personalized attention and individual mentoring.

Great Value

All camps are entirely dedicated to art-making, with no filler activities.

We are dedicated to using high-quality materials for awesome results. 

Families can benefit from our Sibling OR Multi-Camp discount. 

Refer a friend and you both earn $25 Creativity Cash for your next art session with us. It’s our way of saying “Thank You!”

top 10 Reasons Emerging Artists Love us

At our studio, we firmly believe that everyone has the potential to learn to draw, regardless of talent or experience. All it takes is just one hour of instruction. The only requirement is an interest and willingness to learn.

Our students bring their unique interests and imagination to our studio. We encourage and nurture their creativity by practicing techniques that allow them to express themselves in a personalized way. Everyone leaves with a collection of their own artwork.

Our students not only gain confidence in their drawing skills but also find joy in the process of creativity. We inspire them to explore their artistic potential and provide them with the tools and guidance to continue their artistic journey independently.

Art education and summer recreation combined.

Our staff consists of exceptional professional artists who are deeply passionate about art education.

Individual mentoring is a priority for us, with a maximum of 10 students per camp to ensure personalized attention.


Our studio provides a welcoming and inspiring environment with abundant natural light and an organized setup. Situated in a charming neighborhood, it offers beautiful tree-lined sidewalks and nearby green spaces, providing a refreshing outdoor break option for our students.

We provide a diverse range of high-quality art supplies for our students to use during their art sessions.

Our pre-registration consultation/assessment ensures that our camps are the perfect fit for each student. We take the time to understand their needs, interests, and skill levels.

We celebrate our students’ achievements by displaying their artwork throughout the camp. Our popular Gallery Walk provides a valuable experience for young artists to showcase their creations and for proud parents to appreciate and celebrate their children’s artistic accomplishments.

Here's what parents are
saying about our summer fine arts camps

“I wanted my child to enjoy the class, learn some art concepts, meet other children and have fun. My expectations were exceeded.”

“My son came home each day with a huge smile on his face feeling very proud of himself and calling himself an artist.”

“A. is enjoying the camp and can’t wait to bring home her art! This was exactly the type of art class she wanted to take!”

“J. seems to enjoy the class very much and I am so impressed with his paintings. I am so happy that I signed him up for this camp.”

“I would recommend the camp to others; it is well organized in a nice clean, bright (natural light) location with nice music.”

“I would highly recommend this camp. My daughter had a lot of fun and learned a lot about sculpting.”

“Really liked the diversity of children’s ages all in one group.”

“…the children were engaged and they learned great techniques…excellent camp.”

“I liked that we could drop off right at the door and there was no parking to pay for.”

“A. really enjoyed the art class and the introduction to pastels. He was already asking to do more art camps next year!

“Lovely facility. C. commented on how great it is to work in the sunshine.”

“A fantastic activity for the kids during summer break. Well worth it!”

Here's what students
have said about our camps

“I thought the camp was fun and I had enough time to finish all the projects. I thought all the projects were explained very well and I liked that we got to come up with our own ideas”

“My teachers don’t only know lots about art, but about our brains too!”

“It’s really different from school because I really learned a lot about using different mediums and techniques.”

“The teacher gave very constructive feedback.”

“At first, I didn’t want to go to camp because I didn’t have any friends to go with but on the second day, I realized that drawing with peaceful music and quiet is really relaxing and fun! I really enjoyed camp.”

“I thought this camp was fantastic and fun! I loved the way we were free to make our own creations in a structured way. I would totally go do the camp again.”

“Awesome art camp full of surprising, fun masterpieces to make and create.”

“What I like about this art camp is shading with charcoal because it makes it really 3D.”

“I loved it! I never expected it to be so great!”

“Very fun and interesting, this is one of the best camps I’ve been to.”

“It was cool and I thought that everybody was nice. The art looks hard but actually, once you get to do it, you feel proud of yourself. The music was really soothing too. Also, I thought even the snack break was cool too because we go to the park, we get a lot of time to eat and make friends.”

Questions? Get in touch!