Drawing Fundamentals
Spring 2021

Everything starts with drawing!

About our Class registration

  • FULL-YEAR SCHEDULE:  September to May 
  • HALF-YEAR SCHEDULE: September to December, & January to May
  • SPRING SCHEDULE: March to June
  • Students sign-up for the entire cours and remain with the same teacher and small group of students.
  • There are no drop-in classes or make up classes at alternate times.
  • In-studio Classes and Online Classes are available. Please select program delivery format at the time of registration. Online format is recommended for students 9 years and older.
  • Student will use their own materials kit for the entire session and then take them home; we will not be sharing supplies. Materials fee is  approx. $2/class. 
  • All fees include GST.
  • A maximum of 6 students per in-studio class and a maximum of 6 students per online class. Limited spaces will likely fill up quickly so don’t delay.
  • A non-refundable deposit, consisting of the materials fee and first month’s fees, is due at the time of registration.
  • Fees may be paid in monthly instalments.
  • Our withdrawal policy requires 1 full months’ notice and penalty of 1 month’s fees for early withdrawal.
  • In case of studio closure due to COVID-19, all classes will transfer online.  
  • All in-studio classes are limited to 6 students with 1 teacher. Minimum of 5 students required to run the class.
  • All students must complete the health screening questionnaire 1 day prior to the start of class.
  • Protective barriers are set up between students/teacher
  • Students and teacher must wear a mask when necessary
  • Physical distancing guidelines are set up
  • Hand washing and sanitization is required upon arrival and departure
  • Regular sanitization of surfaces is completed between classes.
  • No food allowed in the studio.
  • All students receive their own supply kit to use during the classes and take home afterward. Materials cost is included.

NEW ~ 2021 Spring Classes

Drawing Fundamentals 1: Learn to draw (7 & older)

Drawing Fundamentals 1: Learn to Draw is for students who are beginning their artistic journey; no previous experience required.  It is also suitable for students who love to draw and wish to improve their drawing technique and enhance their creativity.  

Our classes provide students with a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of drawing in a sequential and progressive process through explanation, demonstration, regular practice and mentorship.  Students begin to learn to “see how an artist sees” along with the visual vocabulary for line and contour drawings. From there, they are taught a variety of ways for drawing independently, embellishment techniques and how to add volume for a 3-dimensional look.  Regular and consistent practice allows students to refine their mark making and explore a wide range of coloured media to bring their drawings to life.  This builds skill, expands creative problem-solving and increases confidence in the student’s own abilities.  The breadth and depth of our program are unmatched.  Students learn new skills each and every class that they can take home and continue to use independently in their daily lives, school and just for fun!  Students receive a personal materials kits and paper. Their sketchbooks become a treasured portfolio!

Although it is a myth, society and peers often see realistic drawing as the gold standard in whether a person is considered an artist or not. Having said that, learning realistic drawing does build artistic confidence. Students are taught not only realistic drawing but abstract and non-representational art, as well. This helps students understand that not all drawings must be realistic and that we can always change our mistakes into an abstract work of art. This allows students to begin to develop a personal style of art making.  We provide a rich art education by teaching our students colour theory, art history and vocabulary.

  • March 20 – June 3, 2021; no classes April 3 + May 15 (10 lessons)
  • $131.25/mo ($355)
  • $26.25 Individual materials kit
  • $26.25 New Student Registration fee (waived for returning students)

Drawing Fundamentals 2: Next Steps in Drawing

Having established a strong understanding of the foundational visual vocabulary and drawing techniques, students build on these introductory skills and vocabulary. Projects include more complex drawings, application of colour theory, exploring abstraction, advanced shading techniques, gestural drawing and drawing from life.  Teens find this class engaging & challenging. Subjects are age appropriate.

This course is for the students who have taken Aliki’s Drawing Fundamentals I (Beginner Drawing) or Beyond the Basics Summer Camp. New students with past drawing experience are encouraged to inquire. There are 2 class times from which to choose.

Drawing Fundamentals 3: Advance Drawing Practice
(9 years & older)

Longer, more involved projects with stunning results! In this course, students will be challenged to use their drawing skills in new ways: learn more about colour theory, tackle more professional media, learn about adding tone with line and markers, and complete more intricate pencil drawings. Students develop their own unique style as they apply their knowledge and drawing skills.

This class is for students who have taken two or more years of weekly art classes.  New students, without past Aliki’s instruction, may be accepted with prior art experience.  Please enquire.

Teens find this class engaging & challenging.  Subjects are age appropriate.

Teen Drawing & More

(12 years & older)


(10 years &older)

Arts Combo ~ Gem Journals & Sculpting

(8 years & older)

Private Art Lessons

(All ages)

Drawing Workshops

(7 years & older)

Homeschooler Programs

(5 years & older)

Mini Masters

(5 to 7 years)

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