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Welcome to Aliki's Art House  

AAH ... a space and place where art begins

... teaching the world to draw since 1991.

You will be amazed at what happens ...

when you allow yourself to be creative. 


Did you know that only a small percentage of people are born with a natural gift to draw but EVERYONE else can enjoy the process of learning how to draw?  

If you can sign your name, throw a ball or tie your shoelaces, you can learn how to draw. The only reason you may not know how to draw is simple…no one taught you how. Learning to draw is both a rewarding and attainable skill. Our focus is to teach practical skills that encourage all artists to use drawing as a way of life.  By learning the foundational skill of drawing, students gain confidence in all other art forms. Artists who paint and sculpt, do so better when they know how to draw. All classes and workshops are taught by instructors who are professional artists and trained teachers with a passion for sharing their artistic knowledge.  

Calgary Art

Drawn by Marija, 8 years old

Currently Accepting Registration

APRIL 2015 classes & workshops for all ages and stages 

July & August 2015 for children ages 7 & older at all stages