2020 Arts Combo Camps

Mix Media Journaling is ON

Sadly our one-of- a-kind sculpting & Arts Combos camps will have to wait until next time.
  • All camps are limited to 8 students with 1 teacher + 1 assistant. Minimum of 6 students required to run the camp.
  • COVID-19 safety measures are in place: protective barriers between students/teacher, use of PPE when necessary, physical distancing guidelines, hand washing and sanitization required upon arrival and departure, regular sanitization of surfaces.
  • No food allowed in the studio.
  • All students receive their own supply kit to use during the camp and take home afterward. Materials cost is included.
  • A New Student Consultation/Assessment appointment or phone call is recommended to ensure the best fit for each student.
  • Sibling and Multi-Camp 15% discount is offered.
  • All prices include GST.


We are super excited to offering this 3-day Mixed Media Camp for older children + teens (ages 9 and up.) Students experiment with a variety of art materials & discover how to build up their artwork to the next level. This camp is all about the art-making experience including experimentation, spontaneity, and resourcefulness. Don’t be mistaken, this is not a craft camp! Through the creative processes, students build a pocket journal and create a textured landscape using professional techniques such collage, print-making, painting, drawing, stencilling, typography, and more.  The end result is polished and sophisticated.  Skills learned in this camp are the tools for further art journaling, independently, on any topic or theme for fun, relaxation, and even school.

Camp projects utilize a variety of studio materials to allow for exploration and specialization of art techniques. All students receive their own supply kit during the camp and take it home afterward. Plus, students will be asked to bring in images and personal items from home. 

  • T – TH, July 21 – 23; 10am – noon (FULL! Please consider a painting camp)
  • $131.50; 3-Day Camp
  •  9 & older


Want to dive into the creative process without too much emphasis on the finished product?  Then this arts combo camp is perfect for you to engage in the process of artmaking through hands-on learning!  Budding artists will explore, play, and express themselves in so many ways: art journaling, abstract acrylic painting and sculpting! They will discover the magic of art as self-expression while learning key elements and principles of art.

Art journaling is simply doing art and writing in a bound journal, on loose paper, even on a cardboard box.  Professional art techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and other embellishments using multi-media will be demonstrated and practised in the journaling process.  Skills learned in this camp are easily transferable to personal creative projects and schoolwork.  Studies show that studying via a combination of drawing and writing helps students retain concepts better. 

Sculpting projects are inspired by the artistic style of the great masters.  Projects may vary ~ we love to teach how to create Free Form Sculptures, paper mâché and cardboard sculpting.  This camp is great for teens. Drawing experience is beneficial. A minimum of 5 students is required to offer this camp.  


We are very excited to once again be offering this one-of-a-kind summer sculpting camp for children & teens. Take your creativity to the next level … move it off the page and bring it to life!

This camp includes 3 distinct sculpting techniques including free-form sculpture, relief sculpture and paper mâché. In art, an armature is an underlying, unseen, supporting component (usually of wood or metal) for something else. Armatures are useful in sculpture, lost-wax casting and even stop-motion animation puppets to help make the initial model three-dimensional. Relief is a sculptural technique. The term comes from the Latin verb “levi,” to raise. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane.

Please note that this is not a craft camp. The knowledge gained in the short week will truly amaze your child and you. Students will be taught to sculpt the way a professional artist would sculpt. Our sculpting teacher, Ms. Deborah Lawton, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children and youth of all ages.  Whether a student has sculpted before, or new to the 3-D world, this class will have your child creating with confidence in no time.

Returning students may register for the sculpting camps as the projects will be different from summer to summer. A minimum of 5 students is required to offer this camp.

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