Teen Painting Classes

Strokes of Brilliance

Want to go beyond drawing? Painting is a natural next step.

We offer introductory classes in watercolour & acrylic painting for  tweens + teens. Our teaching process is systematic and in-depth. Students gain confidence quickly and develop “take-home” knowledge and skills to promote independence.

  Fall 2020 painting classes will be part of the Arts Combo Classes on Monday evenings. Please call for more information or to express interest in private lessons or small group workshops.

Acrylic Painting (the Basics & Beyond)

This class is the perfect opportunity for tweens/teens to explore the basics of acrylic painting through hands-on learning while creating finished paintings. We begin the journey by exploring techniques that involve applying paint, mixing the right colours and tones, layering and other creative procedures that lead to the finished acrylic painting. Students are led through a sequence of lessons filled with theory, step by step demonstration, and guided practice. Students leave each class feeling accomplished and confident to paint on their own.

Students benefit from prior drawing experience with a strong knowledge of vocabulary. The course is geared to beginners; no painting experience is necessary.  Teens with painting experience may bring in their own projects or request specific subject/project ideas. 

Discover Watercolour Painting + Mixed Media

Come discover the true magic of watercolour. Spend some time playing with watercolour  paints and add a splash of colour to your drawings. Tweens and teens are excited and ready for more complex techniques & materials so we love to challenge them as they grow in the creative process. Students are encouraged to trust their instincts, value their individuality, and think critically about their art choices. 

In this session, students explore the properties of watercolour through the hands-on practice of techniques such as colour mixing, layering, lifting, wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brushing, and masking. All lessons are led by a professional artist through discussion of theory, plenty of demonstration of techniques and one-to-one mentoring.  The finished artwork is truly inspiring!  

Next Step: The fun and learning moves into mixed media art projects where students embark on advanced techniques in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, stencilling using traditional materials as well as non-traditional objects.  We strive to expose students to the elements of art (line, space, colour, balance, etc.) while letting them run a little wild with their own imagination.

Beginners are welcome; drawing experience beneficial.

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