2023 Art Mindfulness

Making Art + Connection with others
= feeling Better

Did you know, art making can help regulate your nervous system? 

It’s no secret that past generations knew the secret to living a joyful, connected life…

creating in community with one another.

Adult Therapeutic Art Private Sessions

Life happens.  None of us get through it unscathed. And, we don’t have to go it alone.

Our private one-on-one sessions help you process and navigate any season of life you find yourself in. Perhaps you want to record and share an important time in your life, or perhaps you need support during a challenging time. Through a series of art exercises, talking (or not) and other modalities (understanding how our body holds stress, breathing, dealing with insomnia etc), we tackle each issue in an accepting and gentle way.

Even though we use art materials to help you get a ‘clear picture’ of what is going on, you don’t need to be artistic in any way. Promise. Sometimes we need to ‘see’ the problem and lay it down in front of us. This is not a drawing or art class. No ‘talent’ or ability to draw is required. If you can hold a marker, you can do this.

Cost: $195 per hourly session; Sliding Scale: $155 – $190

A Half Day Away Art Mindfulness Workshop

Join us for an invitation to relax, connect to self and others through community and like-minded people.

We will explore how art making (no art experienced needed) combined with mindfulness and guided dialogue can allow us to express our thoughts and feelings in an emotionally safe environment and how creating art can actually make you feel better! Please note, this is not a technique/skills based art class (eg: learning how to draw or paint), we simply use art materials to express ourselves.

Choose from one or all of the Fall 2023 workshops:

  • Day & Time: Sunday 1 – 4pm
  • Dates: Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 26, Dec. 3