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let's Begin with Drawing

Learn to Draw: The Fundamentals ~ Daytime

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw but weren’t sure where to start? Come and learn the ‘secrets’ of drawing in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Invest in your own creativity and see how learning to draw can positively affect your daily life.  

Aliki’s 7-Step System for learning to draw will allow you to experience immediate success and build confidence in your own abilities. Drawing fundamentals — line, shape, form, space, texture, value, and colour — will be practiced in weekly projects using a variety of media. All classes offer theory along with a demonstration of techniques. There is plenty of practice time and fun! You will be amazed at how easy it is to learn how to draw.

No drawing experience is necessary. This class is perfect for the most intimidated artist. This is also a wonderful social opportunity, so join with a friend or family member and save 10%. Please inquire!

  • Sep 8 – Nov 24, 2022 (12 classes)
  • Thursdays, 9:30 -11:30 am
  •  Returning Student Fee: $514.50 ($157.50/mo + $42 materials kit) 
  • New Student Registration Fee: $25 ($539.50
  • Fees may be paid in monthly instalments; includes GST

Right Brain Drawing From Life ~ Daytime

Build confidence in your ability to see how an artist sees! Let go of drawing exclusively from photos/2-D visuals and train your eye to draw from life.  Our program is adapted from the Betty Edwards methodology of “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.”

Required Materials for Returning Students: Pencil Kit –  HB + 4B pencil,  4B graphite stick, vinyl eraser, kneaded eraser, mechanical eraser, good quality drawing paper (9×12 or 11 X 14).

  • Sep 6 – Dec 6, 2022 (14 classes)  
  • Tuesdays 10 am – noon 
  • Returning Students: $551.25 ($157.50/mo)
  • New Student Registration Fee ($25) + Materials Kit ($36.25): $613.00
  • Fees may be paid in monthly instalments; includes GST

Right brain drawing for adults & Teens ~ Evenings

This comprehensive 14-week series will teach you a whole new way of looking at the world. You will become aware of 5 ways of seeing that enable you to draw realistically from life. Based on the teaching methodology of Betty Edwards, this step-by-step process of learning to draw students will not only guide students to develop strong drawing skills but also enhance their everyday problem-solving skills and other right brain functions.

Projects include drawing your own hand, parts of the studio and even a self-portrait. The class is perfect for friends and family members to take together! A 10% discount is offered when 2 students register together. Please enquire. 

  • Sep 8 – Dec 8, 2022 (14 Classes)
  • Thursday 6:30 – 8:30 pm
  • Returning Students Fee: $551.25 
  • Materials fee includes a take-home drawing kit plus handouts and worksheets: $36.75
  • New Student Registration ($25): $613
  • Fees may be paid in monthly instalments; includes GST

Learn to sketch landscapes & render in colour for adults

Build confidence in your ability to capture what you see! This “beyond the basics” class teaches adults how to draw more gesturally and quickly while covering more complex colour theory. We will begin by practicing new techniques and colour theory on still life subjects, then work our way to sketching the landscape. You will learn to draw various natural elements including clouds, water, trees, and snow, as well as how to capture light in your sketches. Inspired by other artist’s renderings and reference photographs, we will produce small sketches and finished drawings using these techniques and media. Make your drawings come to life in a fun and free way! 

Basic drawing kits  A list of materials will be provided by the instructor.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of drawing vocabulary and techniques, and confidence required.

Go Beyond Drawing ~ Let's Paint, Sculpt & Journal

We offer introductory classes in both acrylic & watercolour  painting. Our  arts combo class explores art journaling + sculpting. Intermediate students are welcome to join instructor-lead projects, or bring in their own projects to work on alongside other students and receive mentorship from our artist instructor. 


Strokes of Brilliance ~ Daytime Painting

Join us on Friday mornings and practice your art in a communal setting with a supportive and friendly group of peers. Our beginner to intermediate painting classes are perfect for students new to acrylic painting, as well as experienced painters. We will explore brushwork techniques, colour mixing, use of mediums, and various painting styles. As well, composition, design, and tonal values will be examined to create impressive pieces. Subjects include landscape, portrait, still life, and abstraction.

Our studio offers a lovely space with natural lighting in which to create and relax. Mentorship and feedback/critiques are offered if you would like. This class allows students the option of bringing in their own projects. Grab a friends to enjoy this relaxing class with you. 10 % discount offered when 2 people sign up together.  

  • Fridays 9:30 – 11:30 am
  • Sep 09 – Dec 09, 2022; no class on Nov 11th (13 classes)
  • Returning Students: $511.85
  • New Student Registration ($25): $536.85
  • Project of Choice ($120/m0): $390
  • Materials are not included.  Instructor will provide a supply list at the first class.

Acrylic Painting Basics for Adults + Teens ~ Evening

Have you had your fill of Paint and Sip projects? Ready for a more in-depth painting experience? This class will introduce you to the wonder of painting with acrylic paints through hands-on learning. Create several finished compositions and gain confidence in your own personal, creative expression. 

This class starts at the beginning and is designed for those with minimal to zero painting experience. Simple subject matter such as botanicals, landscapes, and still life will be explored. Fundamental art concepts of form, light, colour and texture are applied to create paintings you’ll be proud to display. Knowledge of basic drawing vocabulary is beneficial but not required.  Adults/teens with painting experience are welcome too! This class allows students the option of bringing in their own projects.

Come with a friend and enjoy this relaxing class together. 10% discount offered when 2 people sign up together.  

  • Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm
  • Sep 13 – Nov 29, 2022 (12 classes)
  • Returning Students: $472.50
  • New Student Registration ($25): $497.50
  • Materials are not included. Instructor will provide a supply list prior to the first class.


Watercolour Painting: Beyond the basics

In this intermediate watercolour class, students build on the foundational techniques of watercolour while expanding to more complex subjects, styles, and processes. Traditional, alternative and experimental approaches will be explored to create imagery that is lively, vibrant and authentic. Deepen your knowledge of colour theory and learn how to create 30 different colours from the 3 primaries. Discover the unique properties of different surfaces and mediums such as India ink, a gouache resist and gel mediums. Achieve more expressive paintings and beautiful compositions with this medium while enjoying the creative process through experimentation and improvisation. Inspiration may come from the instructor-lead lessons or your project of choice. 

  • Sep 9 – Dec 19, 2022 (14 classes)
  • Wednesdays at 10:00 am – noon; 
  • Materials are not included. Instructor will provide a supply list before the first class.
  • Returning Student: $551.25
  • New Student Registration ($25): $575.00
  • Project of Choice: $367.50



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Arts Combo for Teens & Adults:
mixed media + sculpting

This class is a combination of Zentangle, art journaling, sculpting, and acrylic painting. Students explore many professional art techniques and mediums while creating finished art pieces. Students are guided through the same process used by professional artists. All projects begin with raw materials and common supplies.

Projects will include:

  • Zentangle Portrait: a mindful process of repetitive mark-making to create patterns and designs. 
  • Print-making with self-made stamp, stencils and Geli plates.
  • Journal building and book binding.
  • Art journal projects combine dry, wet and textured mediums with everyday materials for personal expression.
  • Acrylic painting.
  • Embossed disc sculpture: armature and relief sculpture techniques.

Register with a friend or family member. Everyone has more fun and saves 10% each! You’ll look forward to this creative opportunity to bond and learn together. This is just the right class for teens and adults together! Teachers and educators are also welcome to experience the process of art journalling as a learning tool with their own students.

Art supplies/materials provided; some personal items may be requested.

  • Sep 12 – Dec 12, 2022, NO Class Oct 10th (13 classes)
  • Mondays at 6:30 – 8:30 pm
  • Returning Students + Materials Fee ($48.75): $560.60
  • New Student Registration ($25): $$585.60

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