Summertime Art
for adults+youth

Invest in your own well-being this summer

Learn to Draw in ONE DAY
for Adults & Youth

Looking for a small-time commitment with a big-time gain? This in-depth drawing workshop for  adults or teens, including the most intimidated, is your answer. Using Aliki’s 7-Step System, we will teach you how to draw realistically in just 6 hours!  We have balanced just the right combination of theory, drawing exercises, and fun. You will leave the studio saying “I CAN draw!” with confidence! Our basic drawing kit includes everything you’ll need for the workshop and to practicing all summer long. So take time and space to relax as you learn the secrets of drawing with us. 

Part 1

  • Sunday, July 9th, 9:30 – 4pm
  • Workshop  Fee + Materials Kit (including GST): $ 183.50

Part 2

  • Sunday, August 13th, 9:30 – 4 pm
  • Workshop Fee + supplies: $168 

Summer Sampler Series

In this class for artists of all levels. Be inspired by fun and sophisticated projects as you practice real techniques taught real artists. This series will explore watercolour and ink. charcoal drawing and acrylic painting. We encourage exploration of the materials and personal creative expression.

Knowledge of drawing fundamentals and confidence in one’s own drawing skills is an asset. Projects will vary from the photo.

  • Tuesday to Thursday, July 18th – 20th, 5-7:30 pm
  • Workshop + Materials Fee: $157.50

Adult Art mindfulness: A Half Day Away!

Art Mindfulness involves self-exploration and awareness of our feelings, thoughts, mind and “soma” or body. Engaging in art-making helps us process and record what is internally occurring for us, in the moment, then gives us the next step by viewing our insights on paper.      

Getting in touch with our feelings is not something that is taught. At times it is discouraged. Allowing all feelings to come up and out, is a powerful and life changing experience. To be witnessed in that moment by another human being is where the healing begins.

This process helps us express ourselves beyond words. It encourages self-acceptance and really getting to know ourselves. After all how can we like, love or accept someone we don’t actually know?

  • Dates coming soon
  • $195 includes  materials + GST 
  • Contact Alice at 403.808.0831 OR
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