Adult/Teen Painting &
Arts Combo Classes

Go Beyond Drawing

 Painting, journalling or sculpting are the natural next step after drawing. Our unique and systematic teaching process provides students with “take-home” knowledge and skills that promote independence.

We offer introductory classes in watercolour, acrylic painting & arts combo. Intermediate students are welcome to join instructor-lead projects, or bring in their own projects to work on alongside other students and receive mentorship from our artist instructor. 


Learn Watercolour Painting: Basics

In this class for beginners, learn basic techniques for painting with watercolours while discovering the unique properties of this medium. While learning painting techniques, we encourage exploration of the materials and personal creative expression. Knowledge of drawing fundamentals and confidence in own drawing skills is an asset. 

Watercolour Painting: Beyond the basics

In this intermediate watercolour class, continue to develop the foundational techniques of watercolour while expanding to more complex subjects, styles, and processes. Traditional, alternative and experimental approaches will be explored to create imagery that is lively, vibrant and authentic. Deepen your knowledge of colour theory and learn how to create 30 different colours from the 3 primaries. Discover the unique properties of different surfaces and mediums such as India ink, a gouache resist and gel mediums. Achieve more expressive paintings and beautiful compositions with this medium while enjoying the creative process through experimentation and improvisation. Inspiration may come from the instructor-lead lessons or your project of choice. 


Learn Acrylic Painting: Basics

Have you had your fill of Paint and Sip projects? Ready for a more in-depth painting experience? This class will introduce you to the wonder of painting with acrylic paints through hands-on learning. Create several finished compositions and gain confidence in your own personal, creative expression. 

This class starts at the beginning and is designed for those with minimal to zero experience. Simple subject matter such as botanicals, landscapes, and still life will be explored. Apply fundamental art concepts of form, light, colour and texture to create paintings you’ll be proud to display. 

Grab some friends to enjoy this relaxing class with you and be happily surprised by your work! Get 10 % offered when 2 or more people sign up together.  

The fall term (Sept to Dec) is best suited to students who are new to acrylic painting. Knowledge of basic drawing vocabulary is beneficial but net required.   

Returning students with painting experience are welcome to join the classes and work on their own projects semi-independently. The instructor will provide mentoring as required.

Acrylic Painting: the Journey Continues

Our intermediate to advanced painting classes expand in depth on brush stroke techniques, colour mixing, use of mediums, and various painting styles. Continue to examine composition, design, and tonal values using different approaches to create challenging pieces. Experimentation with mixed media is also available. 

Adults with painting experience are welcome too! Join us on Friday mornings and practice your art in a communal setting with a supportive and friendly group of peers. Take your paintings to the next level. This class allows students the option of bringing in their own projects. Subjects include landscape, portrait, still life, and abstract. Our studio offers a lovely space with natural lighting in which to create and relax. Mentorship and feedback/critiques are offered if you would like. 

Drop-in Available: Bring in your own projects or request specific subject/project ideas. Minimum of 5 students required to offer the class.  


Arts Combo: mixed media and sculpting

Mixed Media projects will incorporate several mediums and artistic tools within a single project. Students learn to combine dry, wet and textured mediums with everyday materials into each project while working in a journal as well as on canvas and pine board. Both representational (such as portraits, still life or landscapes) and non-representational subjects will be explored.

Sculpting: Students will apply elements of design during the sculpting process to create figurative armatures and relief sculptures. 

Register with a friend or family member—everyone has more fun and saves 10% each! You’ll look forward to this creative opportunity to bond and learn together. This is just the right class for teens and parents together! Teachers and educators are also welcome to experience the process of art journalling as a learning tool. Art supplies/materials provided; some personal items may be requested.

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