Welcome to Aliki's Art House

AAH...Aliki’s (Ah-LEE-kees) Art House is a space and place where fun begins ... Opening doors to art since 1991 in NW Calgary!

You will be amazed at what happens when you allow yourself to be creative. Learning to draw is both a rewarding and attainable skill.

Did you know that only a small percentage of people are born with a natural gift to draw but everyone else can enjoy the process of learning how to draw? If you can sign your name, throw a ball or tie your shoelaces, you can learn how to draw.  The only reason you may not know how to draw is simple…no one taught you how.

Convinced that drawing was in fact a “teachable” subject and a structured method could be established in much the same way as had been done in music and writing, Aliki created what is now known as Aliki’s 7-Step System.  Using a revolutionary instructional drawing method, and sound teaching techniques, Aliki's has encouraged hundreds of artists from beginners to professionals of all ages. Our focus is to teach practical skills that encourage all artists to use drawing as a way of life.  By learning the foundational skill of drawing, students gain confidence in all other art forms.  Artists who paint and sculpt, do so better when they know how to draw.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that ANYONE can learn how to draw and that drawing is a teachable skill just like any other.  The process of learning to draw opens up endless possibilities and easily helps students branch off into other visual art forms.  Furthermore, students who study the arts, in general, develop 10 important skills for success in everyday life such as creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, perserverence, focus, non-verbal communication, resiliency, collaboration skills, dedication and accountability (Phillips, 2010).

We encourage and nurture our artists in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere.  All children, teen and adult art classes and workshops are taught by teachers who are artists with a passion for sharing their artistic knowledge.

Although it is a myth, society and peers often see realistic drawing as the gold standard in whether a person is considered an artist or not. Having said that, learning to draw realistically does build artistic confidence. Success comes as students gain confidence in knowing the steps and learning new skills. This, in turn, builds artist self-esteem. â€‹ We provide enough structure to ensure accomplishment and enough freedom to allow for individuality and creative expression. 

Students are taught not only realistic drawing but different types of drawing as seen in the photo of the abstract flower on the right. Students begin to understand that not all drawings are realistic and that we can always change our mistakes into an abstract work of art. Debunking myths and freeing students to view mistakes as an opportunity for new ideas in their art is a large part of our art school's philosophy. We also provide a rich art education by teaching our students, color theory, art history and vocabulary.

Our goal is for budding artists to reach their potential in the time provided and that we assist them in creating their best art work possible. We want them to experience success in the creative process and what it feels like to be on the "right side of the brain."  Our fine art classes are a place of quiet comtemplation and postive growth for the students.