Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

Volunteer Work:

Most employment opportunities begin with volunteer work.  Volunteering for a period of time allows us to assess if the fit is right for both you and our studio.

We take volunteers throughout the year for our classes. The volunteer would be a class assistant to the regular teacher.

If you would like to volunteer for our summer camps, please contact us.  Volunteers may be as young as 13 years old.  Typically, these are past students at our studio.  

We look for enthusiasm, initiative, ‘teachability’, a passion for art and most importantly a love for children.


As stated above, most employment opportunities begin with volunteer work.  However, at times we also accept non-volunteers.  

If you have a particular area of art knowledge and would like to teach a class in that area, please contact us.


  • Please email your resume along with a cover letter that clearly indicates your teaching and personal philosophy on the following topics: children, visual arts, and classroom discipline.
  • Applicants are to include a portfolio of recent work, clearly labeled with an artist statement for the work. Include at least 5 examples of your drawing abilities and 5 examples of past or current work.
  • Also include at least one reference letter and three references.
  • Please note, incomplete resumés will not be considered.